“It’s a Shitty Little Tape I Taped Off the Radio”: My Top Ten Teenage Albums

This was a Facebook meme which I failed at, because I couldn’t just list ten albums without talking about them and linking to my favourites.  But that’s why I have a disused music blog.   My taste in music is apparently very predictable (my fiancee thought she could guess exactly what I’d pick), but I don’t talk as much about… Read more »

They call you the drowning machine: Gord Downie still breaking hearts

Gord Downie’s interview with Peter Mansbridge is some sad, funny, beautiful, thoughtful stuff.  I lived in Kingston for a number of years while I was in school at Queen’s, and I’ve never seen the Hip live—I couldn’t afford to go to their last show, either, sadly.  But like most people my age who live in this country and love music,… Read more »

Let Us Cede Power: Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire” for Yom Kippur

It’s the eve of Yom Kippur, the table’s cleared, and if I lived closer to a real city I’d be heading for the Kol Nidre service tonight.  When I can, I go to Montreal for the holidays, but this year I’m too broke.  So I’m just fasting at home, and reading that Leonard Cohen is probably close to the end…. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving: Bettye LaVette, Brad Neely, and the Haudenosaunee

So it’s Thanksgiving in Canada as our pathetically short growing season winds up.  What am I doing for the holiday?  Nothing.  Our family never made a huge deal about it, some years I didn’t even come home from university for the long weekend.  But Yom Kippur starts tomorrow evening, so that’s more reason to get a little contemplative about how… Read more »

Great Songs, Dumb Comments: Jacques Brel, “Au Suivant”

I like shooting fish in a barrel, and I have this problem where I compulsively read Youtube comments.  I know that this is a waste of my finite time on Earth, but w/e.  So when I post wonderful songs that I love, I’m going to also include these little gems of hatred and stupidity. Today, Jacques Brel’s “Au Suivant.” I… Read more »